How Dangerous is Medical Waste to Your Business?

Every year, about 2 million tons of medical waste is created by hospitals, veterinary clinics, and homes. Medical waste is defined as any waste that contains infectious or potentially infectious material.

medical waste disposal

Examples of medical wastes generated by businesses throughout the United States are:

  • Anything that is soaked in blood
  • Any tissues or organs removed during surgical procedures
  • Human surgical instruments
  • Discarded used needles

If these wastes are not managed and removed properly, it can mean big trouble for your business.

The Dangers of Improper Waste Disposal

Improperly discarded medical waste poses a major threat to not only health care employees, but also waste workers, the general public, and the environment. Medical waste has the potential to infect unsuspecting people with:

  • Meningitis
  • Parasitic infections
  • Skin infections
  • Hepatitis B

…and other infectious diseases.

In addition to infecting people, it can also affect our environment by adding unnecessary pollution to our landfills, rivers, and oceans.

The Consequences of Improper Medical Waste Disposal

Improperly disposing or mismanagement of medical wastes can lead to the accidental transmitting of diseases and can harm the health of people, animals, plant life, and our environment as a whole. If your business is found to be violating proper waste disposal policies, you can be assessed fines and penalties by the government, as well.  Your business may be temporarily suspended, depending on the industry in which you practice, until compliance is confirmed.

So How Should I Get Rid of My Medical Waste?

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