Important Considerations for Handling Pathological Waste

Pathological waste is a classification of waste that includes anything that could contain a pathogenic agent (any type of microorganism that could cause disease). Here at Broadview Waste Services, we deal with pathological and all other kinds of waste, and we wanted to take some time today to talk about pathological waste and how it can be disposed of properly.

pathological medical waste

Know the Federal Regulations

There are a whole host of federal regulations that govern the disposal of hazardous and pathological waste, and if you produce these kinds of waste you need to know the regulations. For instance, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) continually changes the list of what qualifies as hazardous waste. Knowing the laws will go a long way to ensuring your waste disposal practices are legal and ethical.

Follow the Guidelines for Proper Segregation and Labeling

Pathological waste needs to be separated from all other types of waste, like sharps or chemotherapy waste. Additionally, pathological waste in Maryland needs to be properly labeled and must have stickers that specify “incineration only” because pathological waste must be destroyed by incineration.

Make Sure Your Employees are Trained to Handle and Dispose Pathological Waste

Any employee that works with or produces pathological waste needs to be properly trained in both its handling and disposing. This includes everyone from administrative staff to part-time, to janitorial, to housekeeping staff. Improper training can only lead to the potential spread of pathogens, and only bad things can happen.

Syringes May Be Considered Pathological Waste

While syringes are typically labeled as sharps, they are sometimes labeled as pathological waste. Additionally, chemotherapy waste is usually labeled as hazardous, but could be labeled as pathological. If you’re having issues with the labeling of your waste, you should consult with a Maryland pathological waste disposal company.

Work With an Experienced Maryland Pathological Waste Disposal Company

Broadview Waste Services has been providing Maryland with our pathological waste removal services for years. If you produce a good amount of pathological or any other kind of waste, you need to dispose of it properly and work with a professional Maryland pathological waste disposal company. Contact us today to get started.