Lab-Packing Services

Laboratories handle a wide-variety of potentially hazardous substances and will eventually need to either move or dispose of these wastes. Here at BWS, we offer lab-packing services that include the correct classification, packing, transportation, and disposal (if required) of your lab's hazardous waste.

Lab-Packing Services Maryland

Lab-Packing Services Pennsylvania

Lab-Packing Chemical Classification

BWS field chemists will catalog and segregate your chemical inventory according to DOT and EPA regulations. Once classified, we will use the appropriate over-pack container to minimize the total cost for you while ensuring total compliance with hazardous waste regulations.

Laboratory Decommission and/or Relocation

Once your lab is packed up and ready for transportation, our turnkey laboratory decommission and relocation services can help you with the transportation of the hazardous lab waste. BWS has decommissioned and/or relocated dozens of labs in the mid-Atlantic, and our teams always abide by the latest DOT and EPA regulations.

Lab-Packing Services Virginia

Lab-Packing Services Delaware

Why Choose Broadview for your Lab Packing Services?

Here at BWS, each of our lab packing technicians and chemists have extensive training and experience. This ensures the potentially hazardous substances in your lab will be correctly classified. Which, in turn, ensures the correct disposal and avoidance of any dangerous exposure or chemical reactions.

Lab-Packing Solutions

Broadview Waste Solutions has an industry-leading lab-packing solution specializing in servicing those industries whose wastes are too large, or too hazardous, to be disposed of through normal waste streams. For more information on what types of lab-packing services we provide, or to get a free quote on our services, get in touch with us at (800)660-6581 today and let us remove your waste.