What You Need to Know About Medical Waste

Due to the current pandemic, increased efforts to mitigate the spread of infection are vital. One way that healthcare facilities and related businesses can do their part is by working with a Maryland medical waste removal company to ensure infectious materials are disposed of properly. Let’s take a look at what items your business generates that can be labeled as medical waste and get a better understanding of how proper disposal is necessary to protecting public health and safety during this time and in the future:

infectious medical waste removal

What is Medical Waste?

Medical waste includes any items generated by a healthcare facility or other business that eitherĀ is infectious or has the potential of being infectious. Because these wastes can compromise human health and safety if disposed of improperly, working with a medical waste management company is essential for your business. Common examples of medical waste include:

  • Anything that contains possible infectious body fluids, like blood.
  • Tissue or organs removed during surgery.
  • Used surgical tools and instruments.
  • Worn gloves or facial coverings.
  • Used needles and syringes.

Why Medical Waste Management Solutions are Vital

Although it’s always important to public health and safety for medical wastes to be handled properly, it’s especially vital during this time as the novel coronavirus is still present throughout the United States. Medical testing and treatment is being performed more frequently than ever, which means there is a significantly larger amount of medical waste being generated. With the virus being highly infectious and easily spread, the efficient removal of medical wastes generated is essential to protecting public health and safety, as well as that of the individuals throughout your office or facility.

The Consequences of Medical Waste Mismanagement

Mismanagement or improper disposal of medical wastes can result in the accidental transmitting of diseases and can harm the health of not only people, but animals and plant life as well. By adding potentially infectious materials and unnecessary pollution to our landfills, rivers, and oceans, medical waste can harm our environment as a whole. If your business is found to be violating proper waste disposal policies, you can be assessed fines and penalties by the government, which can result in the temporary suspension of your business until full compliance is confirmed.

Looking for Medical Waste Removal in Maryland?

Broadview Waste Services provides efficient waste removal solutions to those in need throughout MD, D.C., and VA. Whether your business generates medical waste that needs to be carefully disposed of, or you’re looking for a universal waste removal company to handle your needs, we’re here for you. Contact us today to learn more.