Our Process

Here at Broadview Waste Solutions we have a tried and tested process to ensure proper procedures are met. Below we outline our deliberate and organized process so you can see all that is involved.

Step 1

Set up your service frequency or call-in for a pickup.

We are available Monday - Friday; 9:00 AM (EST) - 5:00 PM (EST). When you set up your service frequency we will provide you with a service calendar; please ensure you order any required supplies at this time.

broadview waste services process

proper regulated waste packaging

Step 2

Ensure your waste is properly packaged according to all state/local and federal regulations.

This includes lining your medical waste container with the red bio-hazard bag in which you dispose of only medical waste. Then, gather twist and tie the red bag, seal your medical waste container, and check the medical waste container’s markings for accuracy. Be sure to properly mark any pathological waste or trace chemotherapy waste for incineration.


Step 3

The technician arrives at your facility.

At this step you show the technician where the waste is located. Double check that the manifest is correctly completed with the correct number of containers. Sign the generator certification acknowledging all contents are properly classified, packed, and labeled.

Step 4

Your waste is transported to our approved treatment facilities.

Our technicians carefully unload your waste at the approved regulated treatment facility. We then sign the manifest indicating waste has been properly treated according to all local, state, and federal regulations.


regulated waste treatment autoclave in Maryland

waste treatment manifest

Step 5

Final step

Once your waste is treated, we generate an invoice and send this invoice along with the manifest to your facility for prompt payment.

If you have any questions regarding our process, please feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact form.