Infectious Waste Removal Services

Infectious waste is defined under federal and state laws to include any potentially infectious material whether it is liquid, semi-liquid, or dry. This includes any type of material which could be potentially infectious during its routine handling as well as any pathological or microbiological wastes.

Infectious Waste Removal

Infectious Waste Removal

Infectious Waste Services

Broadview Waste Solutions provides comprehensive infectious waste management services for your business. We service small quantity generators and large quantity generators of infectious waste with their business needs to ensure their infectious waste is carefully dealt with according to local and federal waste regulations.

Why Choose BWS as Your Infectious Waste Service?

You are responsible for all of the waste you generate at your business until it is destroyed. This means even if your infectious waste has left your premises and is in the hands of a waste removal company, you are still responsible for what happens to it. For this reason alone, you should partner with an experienced, certified, and proven infectious waste disposal company such as Broadview Waste Solutions (BWS).

Infectious Waste Removal

Infectious Waste Removal

Lab Packing

BWS Infectious Waste Solutions:

  • Infectious Waste Detection
  • Infectious Waste Measurement
  • Infectious Waste Packaging
  • Infectious Waste Transportation
  • Infectious Waste Disposal

Broadview Waste Solutions

Broadview is an industry-leading infectious waste removal service specializing in servicing those industries whose wastes are too large, or too hazardous, to be disposed of through normal waste streams. For more information on what types of infectious waste services we provide, or to get a free quote on our services, get in touch with us at (800)660-6581 today and let us remove your waste.