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Broadview Waste Solutions, along with our sister company Biomedical Waste Services, Inc., is the largest privately held transporter of regulated medical waste in the Mid-Atlantic region. Since our creation in 1987 our company has grown substantially. Along with the size of our fleet, our waste treatment facilities have grown as well —here’s a brief overview of our regulated waste processing facilities.

Regulated Medical Waste Treatment Facility

Our regulated medical waste processing facility here uses state-of-the-art technologies to process nearly all forms of regulated medical waste. In addition to collecting your waste and transporting it in accordance with federal regulations, we also receive and process this waste at our own waste processing facility. This cradle-to-grave medical waste disposal helps to eliminate risk because we don't have to rely on outside partners for these sensitive pieces of the puzzle.

Maryland Waste Treatment Facility

Maryland Autoclave Treatment Facility

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Medical Waste Processing with Autoclave

Our regulated medical waste disposal service uses a variety of waste disposal methods. One such tool at our disposal is our autoclave.

The autoclave process uses the power of steam to sterilize regulated medical waste to make it safe for disposal. Here's a more in-depth look at the autoclave process we use:

  1. Collect waste. Our waste transportation specialists pick up your waste, bring it to our facilities and then we prepare it for autoclaving.
  2. Weigh and track waste. Before processing, we document the waste to ensure proper procedure and tracking. 
  3. Begin the Autoclave process. Waste is heated to 285°F at a pressure of 30 psi—effectively eliminating all pathogens.
  4. Transport waste to waste-to-energy incinerator. Upon completion of the autoclave waste sterilization, the waste is taken to a waste-to-energy incinerator for final processing.

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Waste-to-Energy Incinerators

Our final disposal site for regulated medical waste is a waste-to-energy incinerator. At this point the process, waste is safe and sterile. The waste-to-energy incineration process offers an efficient way to ensure your waste is disposed of in a sustainable way.

By processing waste in this manner, our incinerator partner is able to provide a massive amount of sustainable electricity to up to 40,000 homes. This all helps to create a local energy ecosystems which recycles waste, thus keeping it out of landfills and lowering CO2 emissions.

Virginia Waste Treatment Facility

Delaware Waste Treatment Service

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Environmental Stewardship

Our number one goal is the safe and effective processing and disposal of your waste. This doesn't mean we have to sacrifice our environment's well-being. Autoclave, the process we use, is not only extremely effective but it is environmentally-friendly as well! In addition to our environmentally-friendly waste disposal system, our facilities also take advantage of solar power energy to further minimize our environmental footprint.

For more information on the waste treatment facility here at Broadview Waste Solutions, feel free to give us a call today. We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have. We can be reached by phone at 800-660-6581 or by filling out the form on our contact us page.