Gasoline Safety and Disposal Tips

Gasoline is classified as a hazardous waste. Not only is it flammable, but gas is also very harmful to our environment if disposed of improperly. Think about this: One gallon of gasoline has the capability of polluting over 700,000 gallons of water. Here are some safety and disposal tips when handling gasoline:

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Gasoline Safety

  • Do not assume gasoline is no longer flammable when it gets old. Although stale gas that has begun to break down shouldn’t be utilized in your vehicle as the lowered potency can make your engine run inefficiently or fail to fire at all, gasoline is still a highly flammable substance.
  • Generally, gasoline should be used within one month of being purchased.
  • Gas should be stored at room temperature and away from heat or ignition sources.
  • Vapors from gasoline are heavier than the air and are capable of moving along the floor to sources of ignition.
  • A mixture of water and vanilla extract can be used to get the smell of gasoline off of your hands. Don’t have any vanilla extract? Try rubbing alcohol or lemon juice and wash with soap and water once the smell is gone.
  • No form of gasoline should ever be used in kerosene lamps or heaters, as an explosion or major damage will occur.
  • Gasoline spills on your driveway can be soaked up by laying cat litter over top of the spill. Remember, the litter will then contain some gasoline, so it must be removed and disposed of properly.

Gasoline Disposal

Your local government and hazardous waste disposal centers can help you find the best way to dispose of gasoline that you no longer have use for. If you spill gasoline, you should never leave it to soak in or spread. Additionally, it should never be disposed of via:

  • Trash can
  • Trash bag
  • Bathroom drains
  • Toilets
  • Sewers

…as these disposal channels can lead to fire, or water contamination of local groundwater, lakes, and bays.

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