Mismanaging Hazardous Waste Will Cost You

Hazardous waste is highly regulated for a reason. When it is not disposed of or transported properly, you will inevitably cause problems for the environment and the living things that reside there. Hazardous waste is dangerous and here’s a look at what can happen when you don’t manage it properly.

You Put the Environment at Risk

When toxic waste spills or is mishandled, it can seep into the ground and cause issues for a number of important environmental areas. Trees can die after picking up the toxins in their roots. Groundwater can be contaminated. Animals and wildlife can get sick and fail to thrive. Humans can even get sick and suffer from serious consequences over time. No matter who is being affected, the consequences of mismanaging hazardous waste are serious when they affect the environment.

You Put Your Personnel at Risk

If the people handling your hazardous waste are not trained and certified to do so, they can suffer serious injury. Along with toxins possibility poisoning them, hazardous waste can also explode depending on the type, which could lead to a serious loss of life or injury. When working with hazardous waste, you must ensure that all involved personnel are following the guidelines laid out by DOT, EPA, and OSHA. If your facility fails an inspection, then you could also face being shut down, which will put your employees out of work.

You Will Face Serious Fines

Violating disposal laws and failing inspections can lead to serious fines for your company that range from the thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars per fine. These fines can make their way back to you even if you’ve outsourced your hazardous waste disposal. You’re still responsible in the eyes of the law, so you need to make sure all of your t’s are crossed and all your i’s are dotted, so to speak.

Work with a Trusted Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

When you work with Broadview Waste Services, you can trust in our perfect compliance record. We will ensure that your hazardous waste is handled efficiently and in compliance with the law. So, call on us and we’ll take care of it.