Gasoline Disposal and You

You’ve finally gotten around to some spring cleaning, and you’re digging through your garage. You finally get to the back and you find an old gas can. Thinking it’s empty, you go to lift it, only to find that it’s heavy and filled with gasoline. What do you do now?

Gasoline Disposal Cans

Over time gas can lose some of its combustibility and essentially become less effective. Because of this, you shouldn’t avoid simply dumping the old gasoline into your tank to be rid of it. So how do you properly dispose of the old gas? There are a couple of alternative ways that are much safer and less of an environmental threat than leaving it to sit for long periods of time or dumping out the can in a random place outdoors.

Use it in A Lawn Mower or Other Small Engine

One common means of disposal for old gas is to fill your lawn mower’s tank with it. You don’t want to just pour it straight into the engine, you’ll want to mix it with some fresh gas first, diluting the old. Once mixed the gas should work fine in your mower. This would also work for other small engines such as generators or weed-whackers. Never just use straight old gas, and don’t keep gas stored in the mower for too long, otherwise your engine could lock up.

Take it to a Disposal Center

Luckily for you there are a number of different hazardous waste disposal centers you can choose from. Many local governments have a disposal center, and you can find them by contacting your local government office. You can also call your local fire department and they will either be able to dispose of the gas for you, or can point you in the right direction.

Another option you have is to use a private hazardous waste disposal service. If you have a large quantity of gas, or if you’re locality is without a public disposal center, you’ll definitely want to contact a private hazardous waste specialist. Here at Broadview Waste we help people get rid of their old gas all the time. In fact, it’s one of the most common wastes we see.

How Should I Transport the Gas?

Gasoline should only ever be stored and transported in an approved container (typically red plastic or metal containers with nozzles). If the can is not full, you should fill it with water, diluting the gas and making it less of a fire hazard. Your canisters should also be firmly secured while being transported, otherwise they can pose a fire risk or could spill and present an environmental hazard.

Why Should I Work With an Experienced Hazardous Waste Removal Specialist?

In today’s modern world, we’ve been afforded the luxury of removing common waste with ease. All we typically have to do is leave our trash cans on the curb one day per week. But removal of specialized hazardous waste is not so easy. Wastes like gasoline pose health and environmental threats, and their removal is not as easy as just pouring it down the drain – which you should NEVER do.

If you have gasoline that you need to dispose of, or any hazardous waste for that matter, don’t leave it sitting around. The more time it sits, the greater the likelihood that something bad could happen with the waste. Give us a call today and our team of waste removal experts would be more than happy to assist you in the proper disposal of your gasoline or other hazardous materials.