What to Do During an Emergency Spill

If you work with hazardous materials, you need to have a plan in place when circumstances take a dangerous turn. When a hazardous material spills, your employees need to know what to do and how to proceed with a response to minimize the amount of damage to life and property. Let’s take a look at what you need to outline in your response plan.

Emergency Hazmat Personnel

Identification is Essential

One of the first items on your emergency spill action list should be identifying the material that has spilled. Without properly identifying the material that has spilled, your employees may be at major risk whether they were involved at the time of the spill or not. Even people rushing in to help can get caught up in a bad situation if they don’t know what they’re running into.

As hard as it may be, insist that employees do not risk their lives or health to respond to the situation unless they have the proper training. What you need is a plan in place so that trained personnel can come in and get the situation under control. Make sure your employees understand that reporting the spill is enough.

Sound the Alarm

In the event that your employees witness a spill, they need to know who to call. Some hazardous materials can work quickly to sew disaster, so a fast response is often vital. Train your staff on detecting the sights and sounds of a spill and who they should call. Make sure to highlight the fact that an unreported spill can lead to serious health problems and even death.

Hold Drills to Eliminate Confusion

Holding emergency drills is essential for facilities that handle hazardous waste. Even secretaries, assistants, and interns should know what to do in case of an emergency. One of the best ways to eliminate emergency confusion is to have your staff run through the steps that they need to take in real time. Holding a drill should never feel like a waste of time; you could be saving lives.

Call on the Professionals

If your facility handles hazardous materials, then you need to know who can help you with an emergency spill. Here at Broadview Waste Services, we have a team of expert emergency spill responders who are ready to go day or night. Rapid, organized responses to spills are essential for keeping your people safe.

Call on Broadview for Your Hazardous Waste-Related Needs

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