Battery Recycling with Broadview

In your company right now, how many items use a battery? If we look at your town or city, how much does that number grow? Cell phones, cars, laptops, pacemakers, flashlights, and millions of other items are all powered by batteries. When those batteries need to be disposed of, throwing them into the garbage bin is rarely a good, or in some cases legal, option.

A row of batteries

Why Do We Have to Recycle Batteries?

Though there are some batteries which are fine to throw away in the trash, many types of batteries pose serious threats to the environment. Alkaline batteries, for example, can simply be placed into the trash and disposed of normally as long as there isn’t a huge amount. However, if you have more than a few dozens, they should be recycled like the rest.

Mercuric oxide batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, sealed led acid batteries, silver oxide batteries, and lead acid vehicle batteries are all classified as hazardous waste and thus, must be disposed of accordingly. If thrown away in a common trash can, the materials within these batteries could seep into the environment and cause serious damage to human life.

However, it’s common that many people do not know the risks that batteries can create and may not take the time to inspect their facilities for potential problems.

A Site Audit and Inspection Will Help You

If you’re not sure about how much hazardous waste your facility produces or utilizes, Broadview Waste Services can help you determine which waste collection, transportation, and disposal services will suit you best.

A lack of knowledge is not an excuse for improperly handling and disposing of hazardous waste in the eyes of the law. It’s much better to call on the experts to make sure your company is not only compliant, but safe. After all, we are all custodians of the Earth.

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