The Importance of Hazardous Waste Decontamination

Hazardous waste is often part of the regular operation for certain types of businesses. However, ensuring this waste is properly contaminated is extremely important. Let’s examine the reasons why hazardous waste decontamination is such an important task for both your business and the world around you.

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Surface Contaminants Vs. Permeated Contaminants

Contaminants can either rest on the surface of a person, object, or location; or they can permeate through it. Surface contaminants may be easier to spot than the permeated variety. You may also have an easier time removing them.

Permeated contaminants have five major factors that determine the extent of their permeation according to

  1. Time: The amount of time the contaminants have been in contact with the object.
  2. Temperature: Higher temperatures can lead to higher rates of permeation.
  3. Concentration: The more concentrated a contaminant is, the more likely it is to permeate protective clothing and other barriers.
  4. Size of Molecules and Pore Space: When the ratio of the pores to the size of the contaminant molecules is larger to smaller, the likelihood of higher permeation rates increases.
  5. Physical State of Waste: A solid contaminant will have a harder time permeating surfaces and objects than liquids or gases.

Regardless of the extent of the surface contaminant’s permeation, it must be addressed properly..

Keeping Contaminants Contained is Essential

Without the proper decontamination process, you will be putting your personnel and surrounding environment at risk. Depending on the type of waste you need to get rid of, the impact can be fatal. If not properly disposed of, dangerous chemicals can leach into groundwater or into the surface of the earth. Plants, soil, and water supply can be deeply affected for a long, long time.

Ensuring proper protocol is such an important task that there are a variety of laws and hefty punishments for companies who do not comply.If your business comes into contact with, or generates hazardous waste, then call on the experts to assist you.

Broadview Waste Services has over 31 years of experience properly handling hazardous waste decontamination in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. We are leaders in the regulated waste management field and we’ll ensure your waste is handled safely and according to the law.

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