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BWS provides comprehensive laboratory waste management services to hundreds of research and educational laboratories. We can properly manage hazardous and infectious waste streams, including mixed hazardous wastes. We will help you categorize, lab-pack, stabilize, remove, transport, and dispose of any type of research laboratory waste you may have.

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Hazardous Waste Management Services

Hazardous Waste, if not taken care of properly, can be a serious health risk. This is why hazardous waste generators such as research labs must take special precautions to dispose of hazardous waste in a safe and effective manner.

Broadview Waste Solutions (BWS) is the area's leading expert at meeting the unique regulations and requirements of research laboratory waste disposal and transportation. BWS has provided fully-compliant non-hazardous research waste services in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C since 1987.

Lab Packing

BWS offers end-to-end laboratory relocation and decontamination services. We have skilled chemists who can characterize and lab-pack any chemical inventory you may have in accordance with DOT regulations. BWS can also stabilize any reactive or highly hazardous chemicals on site prior to lab packing and transportation.

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Additional Research Laboratory Waste Services

As we all know, the unique demands of a research laboratory are such that a defined set of disposal method would be inefficient. Here at BWS, we provide a long line of laboratory waste management services, such as working with your lab staff to identify any compliance issues or help select appropriate on-site storage containers and security. BWS also provides glass slide and paraffin block storage and retrieval services to many area histology/pathology laboratories.

Broadview Waste Solutions

Broadview Waste Solutions is an industry-leading laboratory waste removal service specializing in servicing those industries whose wastes are too large, or too hazardous, to be disposed of through normal waste streams. For more information on what types of research and laboratory waste services we provide, or to get a free quote on our services, get in touch with us at (800)660-6581 today and let us remove your waste.