Healthcare Waste Removal

With our ability to handle both hazardous and infectious waste streams, including mixed hazardous and infectious wastes, we can offer superior and comprehensive compliance service to healthcare facilities. Here at BWS, we have developed many healthcare waste management programs, each customized to the generator’s specific needs.

Maryland Autoclave Treatment Facility

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Pharmaceutical Waste Solutions

Most healthcare facilities will create some form of pharmaceutical waste during their normal day-to-day operations. These types of regulated wastes require the highest level of care as they are not only hazardous to the environment if improperly disposed of, but can also be abused if not securely stored.

It's important to partner with an experienced pharmaceutical waste solutions company in order to ensure the highest level of regulatory compliance and security with your pharmaceutical waste. This is because you are responsible for your waste, even after it has left your facility.

Lab Packing Services

Our field chemists can help you with lab-packing services to identify and package any chemical, including unknown chemicals, according to DOT and EPA regulations. Our technicians are trained to properly and safely manage bio-hazardous waste and shock sensitive chemicals.

Lab-Packing Services

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Hazardous Waste Services

No two healthcare facilities are the same. Where one facility may focus on chemotherapeutic drug treatments, another facility may generate more bio-hazardous or sharps wastes. The bottom line is you want to partner with a healthcare waste solutions company who has the experience to deal with all forms of the hazardous wastes generated in the healthcare industry.

BWS Medical Waste Solutions

Here at Broadview Waste Solutions, we serve a wide array of different industries, but our level of care and service remains the same. With any industry, you need to trust your waste removal and transportation service and here at BWS we take your trust seriously.

Our regulated waste service boasts a flawless service record and we aim to keep it that way. In addition, all of our field technicians can participate in generator background security clearances and provide critical on-site collection and consolidation services inside the generator facility.