Educational Waste Removal

BWS provides comprehensive hazardous waste management services to hundreds of research and educational institutions. Whether you're in need of lab packing services for your school chemistry lab, or you need a way for your maintenance crew to properly dispose of fluorescent light bulbs and batteries, we have a waste solution for you.

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Fluorescent Lamp Disposal Maryland

BWS Universal Waste Solutions

Typically, educational and research facilities will generate large amounts of universal waste as a result of their day-to-day operations. Here at Broadview Waste Solutions, we can help you and your maintenance crew by receiving, transporting, and processing the following types of (but not limited to) universal wastes:

  • Battery Recycling
  • Mercury Containing Equipment
  • Fluorescent Lamps
  • Crushed Lamps
  • PCB Ballasts
  • Non-PCB Ballasts
  • Tritium Exit Signs

Experienced Field Chemists

Our Field Chemists can help you with lab-packing services to identify and package any chemical, including unknown chemicals, according to DOT and EPA regulations. Our technicians are trained to properly and safely manage biohazardous waste and shock sensitive chemicals.

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BWS Educational Waste Solutions

Here at Broadview Waste Solutions, we serve a wide array of different industries, but our level of care and service remains the same. With any industry, you need to trust your waste removal and transportation service, and here at BWS we take your trust seriously. Our regulated waste service boasts a flawless service record and we aim to keep it that way.